A Short discussion on Papyrus P52

Papyrus P52 is a new testament fragment from antiquity; it preserves John 18:31–33, & John 18:37–38, where Pilate questions Jesus. Colin Henderson Roberts wrote a small detailed report about this manuscript. (Papyrus P52) is still the earliest greek fragment we have of John.

One paleographer from Roberts day even dated P52 to the first century A.D.
However, the (consensus) among some scholars during Robert’s day is this fragment comes from the beginning of the second century A.D. Though recent analysis on the fragment points to a 200 A.D date. Paleographers date manuscripts or fragments based on their handwriting and do a thorough analysis of the fragment with other old writing from antiquity. Carbon dating is not a reasonable approach when it comes to dating papyri because the papyri could get destroyed that way. It’s truly amazing how one little piece of a papyrus can bring so much knowledge to scholarship!

From the report an Unpublished Fragment of The fourth Gospel by Colin H Roberts.
High quality image of P52

A Brief Discussion On The Huqoq Synagogue.

I recently learned about the discovery of an ancient synagogue that was found in Huqoq. The Huqoq synagogue surprisingly had well-preserved mosaics, as shown in the photo below. A synagogue is a type of building where people would go to for worship or instruction. The shul was excavated by female archaeologist Jodi Magness and her team. 

 The synagogue dates to the early fifth century CE, and Magness also said she feels an earlier date should also be given to other synagogues found too. “Preferably the so-called Gallien type synagogues which she says should be pushed back a couple of hundred years to at least the fourth or sixth century CE.” Sometimes in the archaeological world, you will come across synagogues that date to perhaps the fourth century CE. 

However, archaeologists will find that the foundation of that later synagogue was built over an even earlier synagogue. We see this to be the case with the shul at Capernaum. In short, archaeology helps us enhance the verisimilitude or the believability of an ancient text.      

    “The 2017 excavation season at Huqoq uncovered more stunning mosaics depicting Greco-Roman and Biblical scenes, including the construction of the Tower of Babel.” Photo: Jim Haberman   

Tinder Is A Flawed Dating App

Tinder has become quite the popular app grossing in over 3.8 million users. However, popularity doesn’t always equate to being a good app. The app has a ranking system where they rank how successful you are with regards to getting matches. Also, if you are the type of person to swipe right on a lot of people, your Elo score will get so bad, that it will be very hard to get matches unless you pay and even then it can get pretty complicated you can fix this, but the damage has been done. “Tinder” recently has said they no longer use this kind of algorithm, & they are trying to increase people’s match probability by where you are in the day.

I still think this kind of algorithm will be a problem for people who have social anxiety. However, maybe it will help others break out of their shells and not be afraid to try something new.

I still think Tinder is filled with so many problems. For one, regular guys like myself fall to the bottom of the line because some girls get way too many messages & matches on there. I am not blaming that on the woman who is popular on this app. However, I think the algorithm Tinder has makes it almost impossible to meet anybody. Good guys are sent to the back of the line & treated like misfits because Tinder is a judgmental broken app until you decide to pay! Too many people get wrongfully judged on Tinder & stand no chance with the people they really want to date, so they settle for less than what they deserve. What can we do to better our chances outside this app?

1.) We must better ourselves and put ourselves out there more in the real world.
2.) We have to learn to have more confidence in ourselves, and you never know who likes you until you try to put yourself out there in a truly authentic way.
3.) Don’t give up! rejection is normal, but don’t let it cripple you because somebody out there is looking for someone just like you.

Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve

Many people today say that love is not about physical attraction, but I find that to be a convoluted thing to say. I mean, I think there is more to love than physical attraction alone. However, I also feel you have to be physically attracted to a person too & I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings here. If you don’t think so, then that is okay.

I think we all have that person in our life who says we need to lower our standards because our standards are too high. However, have you ever tried telling that person that perhaps your standards are too low? I think we undervalue ourselves so much, and then some of us fall into a pool of mediocrity. We deserve better, but some of us don’t care to act like that. I feel like when we do this, it’s only inevitable that our relationships fail. The love we give to others should be sincere & true. If you are not attracted to that person you’re in a relationship with, you will never love that person the way they should be loved.

I really didn’t want to make this a long blog post because I am currently exhausted from shoveling snow, and with college and everything on my plate, I really don’t have a life. Ultimately all we can do is pray that someday we end up like the people in the song Fields Of Gold by Sting, and eventually, we too watch as the sun goes down, & we all walk in fields of gold with someone we love!

Gossip Is Not The Answer, But It's Never Going To Go Away Forever.

We are all probably guilty of “gossiping” about someone else. However, there lays one fundamental problem are you doing it because you genuinely love that person and want nothing but the best for them? If your answer is yes, then would you do that to your spouse or even your kids? You see us as a society, lack decent communication skills. If we could talk to that person in public, we could solve a lot of our issues as a society.

For one, there would be nothing really to hide, and you can’t hide behind your fear of confrontation. In the song, a Thousand Faces by Creed Scott Stapp says, “You wear a thousand faces. Tell me, which is you.” I think that how it can be with people who do harmful gossiping. I mean, how much of a friend are they if they can’t pick up the phone and say what’s on their mind? Real friends are going to tell you things in person regardless of their anxiety.

We shouldn’t gossip about our friends unless our friends are in serious trouble. Surprisingly gossip has been around since Socrates was alive! Socrates even once said, “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” It’s never going to go away, but the world could use more people who go against the grain and spread honesty & love as opposed to envy/hate.

Don’t All Nice Guys Finish Last?

If you’re reading this right now, this question probably has bothered you for some time now. This kind of attitude is entirely reasonable to have; it’s quite prevalent in our world to see people get cynical about this. You see, we as human beings are prone to making mistakes. Maybe you or she made the mistake of having “unrealistic expectations” for something more. The problem is we let emotions get in the way of our friendship with her. I mean, if you’re in a friendship with a woman, but have a heart filled with jealousy, then no, it’s not possible to be just friends.

However, you must try not to set yourself up for failure. I dislike seeing countless people depart from one another because the other person got rejected. Rejection sucks & far too many people let rejection change their new relationships with other people. When we allow the love of eros to get in the way of our friendship with that woman, we become narcissistic. We can play the blame game all we want, but that doesn’t change the fact that you can’t make her love you. Also, we must not forget that women can make mistakes when they’re going through this too. For one, the woman can with no subconscious send mixed signals and come off as if she likes you. This kind of thing can become a pretty significant detriment for your friendship. In other words, she may not be doing it to hurt you.

Nonetheless, if the feelings are not mutual in a friendship, it is not a real friendship. Let’s now talk about why you might have been rejected. I won’t expound on looks because too many people have written on that subject.

1.) She might have had some feelings for you, but she lost interest in you because you didn’t make your move quick enough.
2.) When it comes to a career, she feels she is in a better position than you, and she wants someone who is in the same place as her financially.
3.) Her friends: She is listening to her friend’s advice.
4.) She is not over her Ex.
5.) She doesn’t want to ruin the friendship she has with you.

So, we looked at some reasons why rejection happens, but we must not let rejection ruin the love we have for others, and we must try to make a mends with it eventually. Holding onto grudges is toxic, and if God ever brings that person back into your life, just listen to your heart, my friend.

The world confused and seems to have a distorted view. Most think loves a sweet kiss, a nice statement in time. But don’t know that love is sacred, its patient and kind. It not filled with sinful jealously, it doesn’t brag  & boast. It priceless and can’t be bought with a stack of dough.  Its so true. Its not rude.  It doesn’t seek its own its selfless, I’m telling this because we need to know. Its not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs. It forgives! It’s a blessing and forever is strong.

Trip Lee looking for love

The Over Use Of The Word I Can’t

You should try to eliminate two words from your vocabulary today.
{I can’t} is a word we say too much. I can’t is used frequently at job interviews & school and even in everyday life. For example, I won’t talk to that person because I can’t; they will think I am weird. Or I won’t pursue my dreams because I can’t find the courage to because I feel too old.

I can’t pass this test because it’s too much of an arduous test to do, and I am not intelligent enough. We are prone to making mistakes because we are human, and we will continue to do this until we remove these two words from our vocabulary. It’s not easy realizing our potential, and sometimes failure can bring out the best in us or bring on a change in our lives we didn’t know was possible. We can do so many more things when we have a little more confidence in ourselves and a little less self-doubt.

Relax Anxiety Happens To The Best Of Us

I think the vast majority of people run from their anxiety or hide it very well.  However, I believe anxiety can bring us all together. First, let’s look at some famous people who suffer from anxiety. David Beckham is known for being a renowned soccer player, but Beckham has admitted in an interview he suffers from anxiety and plays with Legos to help control it. Meghan Fox has also said in some interviews she has dealt with anxiety when she views herself on the big screen. In addition to that, even iconic musicians like John Mayer have opened up about their anxiety. Mayer talked about how it was growing up with anxiety and outlined the symptoms he had.  

In my opinion, we must not be afraid to talk about our anxiety with others. If we had one friend, we could talk to about our anxiety; it could make a big difference in our life.  According to the ADAA, 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety from ages 18 & older. Lastly, anxiety may never go away forever, but just knowing we are not alone can benefit us in the long run so much!   


It’s Never Too Late

Life is funny sometimes because one day, you can feel like your on top of the world. Then at other times, the waves of uncertainty and endless doubt can come creeping in. We must not let doubt cripple us, because sometimes our doubt can be boulders on our shoulders at first. However, it can also be a motivator for us and sometimes a wake-up call to truly overcome that doubt.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

CS Lewis put it this way, “you are never too old to dream another dream.” It doesn’t matter what age you are. Your current mental health is more important, and doing something you don’t like is mentally and physically draining. Doubt creeps in because we let it in, and we can only eliminate it if we don’t downgrade our dreams or confidence in ourselves. Lastly, we must not let our fears run rampant on us because we all have hidden talents, and we are all a lot closer to our dreams than we think.

Content On My Blog

I have been trying to find topics I will cover on this blog, and I wanted to narrow it down to a few. However, there is such a wide range of things I enjoy to write about, so I don’t think I will limit myself in terms of material I write about on here. I believe writing is hard, & we all have our writer’s block and our bad days. For one, I love writing about archaeology, baseball, & empowering people to do better in life. I also like to write short stories too.

However, I believe you can get yourself in trouble if you aren’t consistent enough in one thing. I think I will be very versatile in what I write about, but I will also stick to what I am good at when it comes to writing. So in closing, we must not be afraid to try new things but also stick to what we are good at in life.

“Have faith and pursue the unknown end.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

A preview to my new story called The Long Road Back Home. “Not finished”

Jeremy is a divorced bachelor who has one daughter; her name is Sarah. They both live in New York City. The year is 1939, and it is summertime. Sarah spends most of her time with her grandfather in upper Manhattan. Sarah attends a private high school, but she struggles in school. You see, Sarah is very gifted in reading and writing. However, math makes Sarah want to quit school and become a writer.

Her dad spends a lot of money on tutors for her, and she continues to struggle. Sarah is too afraid to quit school. Also, she wants to prove that all of her bullies are wrong about her. She knows that if she can get through one more year of agonizing anxiety and push through and get through school, then she can pursue her dream and become an author.

Sarah’s father is an archaeologist and papyrologist and spends most of his time promising his family; he will uncover something truly groundbreaking and will help salvage his career. Sarah knows her dad is in a dead-end career now because of the war. However, Jeremy will not quit. Sarah knows her dad is a good archaeologist, and he just needs a little good fortune on his side.

Jeremy is looking for a lost Josephus manuscript. However, many of Jeremy colleagues caution against that because such a document might not exist, and even you find an earlier text of Josephus, it might not be in good shape to decipher what it is on the manuscript.

Jeremy stubbornly dismissed any of their theories that this manuscript doesn’t exist and still has hope that a text must exist somewhere in a monastery in Europe. If Jeremy just had the help of Sarah, he knows anything is possible in terms of finding such a document. The next day, Jeremy said to Sarah, how about we go on a mini-vacation? Sure, where? I was thinking about going to Europe for the summer. How does that sound? Well, Dad, I don’t know.. I’m afraid because there is a war going on now.

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